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  • A $50 million lawsuit has been filed against a Michigan prison over the death of an inmate.
Monday, 09 October 2017 00:00

A $50 million lawsuit has been filed against a Michigan prison over the death of an inmate.

Written by Jonathan Druckman

The Michigan Department of Corrections was named as one of the defendants after an inmate collapsed after complaining of chest pain and difficulty breathing.

The individual was serving a sentence after being convicted for possession of weapons by a prisoner, home invasion, and stalking. The irony of this case is amplified by the fact that he had finished serving his sentence and was awaiting release when he complained of his symptoms. He went to the health services located inside the prison but never saw a doctor, nor was he given an evaluation at a hospital. Instead, correctional facility employees and health care workers sent him back to his cell. As a result of this incident, two of the health care workers at the correctional facility have been suspended. The inmate died on September 5, 2017.

Harsh words were used in the lawsuit regarding the Corizon Correctional Facility located in Jackson. The lawsuit stated, “Corizon routinely engaged in customary and known practices so as to maximize profits. Such practices included inadequately staffing facilities; employing unqualified staff; failing to train and/or vet staff; delaying and/or denying life-saving care, even in emergency situations.”

In today’s day and age, it is not surprising to find that companies and large corporations seek to put their profits ahead of customer or patient safety. Numerous data breach lawsuits have been filed in recent weeks as corporations failed to take the security measures necessary to protect consumer data. Even in the context of hospitals and prisons, company profits have routinely been placed over the health of people. The lawsuit is seeking punitive damages and reasonable attorney’s fees on top of the demanded sum of $50 million.

Remember, prisons and hospitals still owe a duty of care to their patients or prisoners. If you have been injured at either location make sure you call an experienced attorney right away to preserve your right to sue. As mentioned in other Druckman & Hernandez blog posts, certain government operated facilities have a shortened Statute of Limitations which only gives 90-days to file a claim, rather than the usual 2 years.

Don’t settle speaking with a paralegal or secretary. Call the law offices of Druckman & Hernandez, at 908-353-5850 to speak directly with an attorney. All consultations are free, and time is of the essence to preserve your right to file a lawsuit.

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